She smacked him across the face.

Have you read today's paper yet?

How do you pronounce this word?

The princess was thrown into the castle's deepest dungeon.

Has that happened to you?

He's so tall!

The Philippines experienced more than twenty super typhoons that year.

He does not have anyone to play with.

If you do it this way, you can save several hours.

How did Brandi lose so much weight so quickly?

Robbin is eating breakfast alone in the kitchen.

Stay in Hell.


I'll keep it in mind.

I'm sure Arnold will agree.

Mah had an argument with Kelly.

Paul is good at mathematics.

I go swimming every day.


I hope we can help.

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You remind me of somebody I used to know.

The bright red flowers stood out among the greens.

The farmers complained that because of the dry weather there would be a poor harvest of winter grain.


You must get the job done before the deadline.


Opposite there is a six-story building.

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Vance is the only one here who doesn't like spicy food.


That's remarkable.


I came to help.

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Chuck's the man.

What a sad story!

Thanks for the coffee.


Last summer, I finally left the firm that I had joined twelve years before.

What is the sound of one hand clapping?

Our school is on the other side of the station.


He likes this book.


The class are all here.

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She kindly showed me around the city.


I usually take a bath before going to bed.

She has changed a lot since then.

This book is smaller.

You've got my phone.

Hurricane Sandy is coming.

You should beware of overconfidence.

Root is thirty at most.


Last night I read a book.

We're in the clear.

Why won't you let me see him?


He compared the imitation with the original.


He judged it wiser to remain silent.

The trouble is that I am short of money these days.

She is a most beautiful lady.

He had established a solid reputation as a man of character.

You are just saying that.

Are you going to stay here all afternoon?

No workers can be dismissed without previous notice.

I tried to get up, but I fell down again.

When she began to stutter, her classmates couldn't help laughing.

She didn't want him to go overseas.

"I'm back." "Welcome home."

I regret spending so much money.

I had to tell Ima.

You have to get them a present.

Together we can do it!

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The country's economy has developed making use of its rich national resources.

In Africa, there is no difference between a white and a black.

I like to build bridges.


Duane doesn't win very often.

Dan instantly recognized Linda.

Roberto wants you to meet him at Real's.


The sport of Muggle Quidditch is becoming increasingly popular around the world, particularly on university campuses.

The number of the people working in this city will be more than one thousand by the end of this month.

Are you for or against this?

Students, by working part time, are able to scrape up tuition fees by themselves.

It's time you had a dose of your medicine.

You've a different sense of time from me. What's the point of hurrying if you don't have an objective or destination? Your thinking even affects your sexual behaviour.

You can teach good manners to children without resorting to punishment.


I have been here for one week.


That's quite common.

Bernie came here to study French.

Promises are things that must be kept.

Shutoku speaks Romansh.

She'll only come to my birthday party if you'll come, too.

The Mexican people need to strive for progress.

This is the calm before the storm.

How many satellites have been put into orbit round the earth?

His illness comes of drinking too much.


He opened his mouth wide.


She wears a wig.

Thirst is the feeling of needing to drink something.

I think he's Prakash's older brother.

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Walking is a healthy form of exercise.

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I have a dog which can run fast.

I'm attaching three files.

Mikey looked around, but saw no one.

My family isn't rich.

Guido has agreed to testify.


I promise you a third of the profits after expenses.


Tracy may have been right.

I know nothing about music.

We need to be quiet.

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I've turned over a new leaf.


Father has never gotten sick in his life.

Mountains look better viewed from a distance.

Suzanne took a lot of pictures.

What matters is whether you do your best or not.

I know I shouldn't care what Barbra thinks.

We've both been very busy.

It was just a thought.

You're deceitful.

Whether a joke is found to be funny depends strongly on the culture.

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I think you might need to help Santa.

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You were wrong in not listening to him.

I mean this money for your study abroad.

Sedat has already gone to sleep.


Let's hope I'm wrong.

His striped suit and checked tie didn't match.

It is raining, you see.

On the moon I would weigh only fifteen kilos.

Of all languages, what's the most difficult?

Kanthan had the time of his life at the party last night.

Peggy has lost a lot of weight since the last time I saw him.

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Please don't go. Don't leave me alone here.

Thank you for calling me on time.

For this job, I need someone experienced and preferably attractive.

They're asking 3 million dollar and I think would be a steal at twice the price.

Maybe there is someone else in the house.

When he was 15, he ran away from home.

It gives me the creeps.

Do you have something you want to say to us?

Winston is the name of my swart warthog.


Claudia didn't seem to understand what you were saying.


You need to get to bed.

Leipzig is an ancient city.

I turned the corner and caught sight of a newly opened restaurant.

I'll be back as soon as I can.

I can't marry her.

It's sad, but true.

I was often there.

Did they tell you who I was?

Jakob likes doll houses.


I read an interesting book yesterday.

I'll be ready in a second.

I thought you said you worked with Chip.

I was happy for him.

Those roses are very beautiful.

Ignore that.

I'm going to stay just a little bit longer.

Paola is a good liar.

We easily found parking.

It's a little bit dangerous.

Kinch can't do all this work by himself.

When you catch me off guard, it really puts me on the spot.

The Norwegian diplomat mediated the secret negotiations that produced the historic document.


That's all we can do.

Jelske hasn't been charged with any crime.

We paid an invoice of more than one thousand dollars.

It was a humbling experience.

I heard you bought a new car.

Let's make for that tall tree.

The door gave to my pressure.

All the apples disappeared.

You were never alone.

You'll never defeat us.

I'm going upstairs to change.