Barry told me he wanted to learn French.

Do you like the way you look?

I'm not sure that'll do you any good.

He brought me to the bus stop.

It is refreshing to take a shower after exercising.

Yvonne is an old friend.

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I was late because of the heavy traffic.

Derek was beginning to feel tired.

Sridharan denied that.

Tell her I'm coming over.

I can talk to Tor for hours.

Well, then, let's talk it over.

You must return this to me, OK?

I know that I did nothing wrong.

This insurance has a high deductible.

I trust Sjaak's judgment.

I'm a senior high school student.

I read the book from cover to cover.

Tomorrow, there's likely to be rain.


They are what you eat.

The price of that book is five dollars.

"Jerk" connotes an embarrasing social and verbal ineptness.

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This made many people angry.

I've been hoping to meet you.

Nora felt extraordinarily happy.

How often do you see him?

I see something.

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How long have you been at this?

It has been a long day for everyone.

By reading books and discussing concepts, a person can gain wisdom and tolerance of differing ideas.

She looks pale as if she were ill.

Siegurd was taken prisoner.

What do you want me to see?

Prove to me that you don't have a sister.

Don't let her know that.

This person doesn't live here.

How big is your dog? Mine is small.

Cathrin isn't quite himself lately.

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If all the medicine in the world were thrown into the sea, it would be bad for the fish and good for humanity.


You should come to the chat room.

Catherine swims better than Claudia.

Please be careful not to forget your card or your change in the machine.

This is a small book.

My father couldn't afford a car, when he was young.

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Geoffrey splashed Ralph.


If the patient is unconscious, the family can make the decision.


Japanese young people like rock and jazz.

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I speak Mari.

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That water is very pure.

You can't separate dreams from reality?

He terrified her.


I accepted his invitation.


No matter what you do, you have to do your best.

Joy and grief alternate in my breast.

I can't understand his obsession with golf.

I wonder why Benson hasn't called.

How hard was that?

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I need to come home.

Louie is exceptionally attractive.

Do you make friends with these boys?

Some musicians and actors hire security guards to help fend off their over-eager fans.

Gerald will be driving through Boston on his way to visit Cathrin.

Spock had a lot of work to do.

Can I pay online?

Where's the nearest bus stop?

I don't believe Krzysztof is qualified.

Dana gave me the go-ahead.

Dogs are forbidden.

A coconut is not a nut.

The Green party is protesting loudly against nuclear power.

I should watch a documentary.

"When will you wash your car?" "Sometime this week, I think."

You wouldn't recognize Juliane anymore.

He looked down in shame.


All that are tales for idiots.


I won't hold my breath.

Next morning, he could see through the iron grating in front of his little window how the people were hurrying out of the town to see him hanged.

I still haven't seen it.

Bradford died almost three years ago.

He can understand everything they are saying.


He lay at full length on the grass.

They tried to handcuff her.

It could fall into the wrong hands.


They agreed to work together.

She accused him of having lied to her.

We all felt awful.

Jennie is used to staying up late at night.

Yes! I agree.


Let's just do it now.


I wouldn't hold my breath.


We can't call her as a witness.

It never crossed my mind that he would actually carry out his threat.

I'm not determined enough to confess my feelings to her.

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Olaf couldn't find a good place to hide.

I was completely stunned.

Sanjay works with power tools.

Perceived shyness is often simply an expression of politeness in waiting to be addressed before speaking.

I have to go to the bathroom.

Ravi left me.

I shouldn't have come here. I'm sorry.

They've got a hostage.

Do you know this man's name?

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She said she will go to Paris in August.

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I gave them another chance.

That book is old.

The 48-year-old Ryouichi Kawakatsu took over as coach at Fukuoka in June this year, but his fate is closely linked with that of 46-year-old Matsuda.

There are no people who don't desire peace.

Nobody told you to talk.

I can play the piano, he thought.

I don't think I can get along with him.

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Time is allotted for work, recreation, and study.

Why is Germany so tough on Greece?

The species faded away.

Both spellings are correct.

Let's just keep this between us.

We have to protect each other.

Corn starch is good for thickening soup.

Jaded zombies acted quietly but kept driving their oxen forward.

There is a lot of money.

Even though everything I said was true, I shouldn't have said it.

I'm not quite 150 centimeters tall.

He put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger.

So, you think you can dance.


I need to get this done.

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Bush loves China and has no intention in making war with it.


Why don't we just reformat the hard disk? You've been having a lot of trouble with it.

I'll be your friend.

Brandi doesn't like the way Cole treats her dog.

That store employs twenty clerks.

I just told her.

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May I touch them?


In real life, help is given out of friendship, or it is not valued; it is received from the hand of friendship, or it is resented.

We have a big day tomorrow.

How do you know I'm not from here?


What did he tell you about me?

She went to Mexico by herself.

Archie says he needs to ask Toufic who's coming with us on the picnic.

It's still minor league but in the not so distant future they'll be coming to a place near you.

I'm shopping for a new computer.

Cairo has a very warm climate.

You can rely on me.


West Berlin would remain free of Soviet control.

She passed first in the exam.

The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow. However, do good.


John eats his peach.


Gigi has been doing a lot of thinking.

The sooner you return, the happier your father will be.

The reason the cat is not included in the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac is very simple.

Hey, Ayako! Please speak louder.

He persisted in the experiment until he was successful.

Did you go to Rome during your travels?

I love to climb mountains.


He came bearing a large bunch of flowers.

Rolf gave us everything he had.

I'll ask him if he's going to come.

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Social securities are not something that should be trifled with.

Can you please close that window?



He has the second animal.


The restaurant we're going to isn't far from here.

What are you doing up that tree?

She's in desperate need of money.