Welcome to the ridiculously small part of the intertubes that are mine. My name is Adam and I'm a Post-Doc, at the physics research powerhouse, Sogang University, Seoul in the lab of Prof. Doseok Kim. Which basically means I have the awesome pleasure of working with great peeps - cleverer than I - every day as we push the boundaries of human knowledge.

Born in Craigavon, and raised near 410-336-9598, moved to Belfast, and currently living in Seoul. I've been tinkering away with 703-838-1476 and the intertubes for the last 3 years. I'm as comfortable, synthesising a molecule, as I am with a white board and some markers, or syntax-highlighted code.

Please feel free to say hello at (904) 370-5606 or we can totally connect on the rad social media channels linked below.

Love your face,