The magician's tricks surprised us.

He has his office in town.


I couldn't get in touch with him.

She recovered her senses.

The doctor broke the Hippocratic Oath.

The important thing is to participate.

The plane is overbooked.

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I didn't ask for help.


What is he talking about? It just doesn't make sense.

I don't believe Kelvin will do that.

I have my hands full.


Does anybody recognize him?

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Terri is in no mood for jokes.

There is nothing wrong with the Turkish people's power of perception.

Tickets are $30, parking is free and children under ten receive free admission.


Sanjib is only a few years older than me.


He was really the man we were looking for.


Rich will be eligible for parole next year.

He succeeded to the family business.

I love cookies.

Ram is the only one here that can do this.

My beer was finished off by my room-mate.

Kamiya had a car accident in Rome.

You've really earned this.


Youth runs away to never come back.


Tahsin is embarrassed by his son's behavior.


He made an effort to get to the station early.

You say you had a nibble, it looked to me like you'd polished it off.

I saw him wash the car.

We express our thoughts by means of words.

I've never stopped loving Rudy.

Who'd want to hire you?

Blaine didn't want to look like a tourist.

One day's freedom is better than ten years of oppression.

I must be calm.


Takao is under pressure.

Whatever I have is yours.

I'm economically independent of my parents.

I regret not having studied hard for the test.

She is ashamed of her old clothes.

His style (if you were to call it that) was excessively (though I run the risk of hypocrisy) parenthetical (pardon the pun).

Ralph traveled first class.

What was the last book you read?

Rob blamed the accident on Lenny.


All the students come from the US.

Thomas lost the key to his dorm room.

Follow your own path and let people talk.

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It was disgraceful.

May I have a signature?

We should ask Bryce what he thinks.

Spyros tried to avoid getting caught.

He told me that he would love me forever, but then he left me shortly after.


Can anything be done for her?

Who do you think would do such a thing?

Keith isn't honest at all.

I want to become a French teacher.

Somehow I can't picture Shahid working as a bartender.

The burglars broke into the bank at night.

I get scared just walking past him.

The war is going in our favor.

I should've declined.


I guess our job is not to let that happen.

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Everyone is here, right?

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He couldn't bring himself to believe her story.

You didn't seem surprised.

I want to know why you were absent yesterday.

It'll clear up soon.

She showed great interest in the photos.


Most matryoshkas are wooden.

Luc is offensive.

He'd prefer to go on Friday.

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Sixty new museums opened.

Hurf is trespassing.

Do you know where the cake is?

Travis grows tomatoes and lettuce in his garden.

I don't have a single enemy.

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You deserve better than that.

Call me as soon as you get home.

You all were very good before, and now you're even better.

I guess that's why I love you.

Eddie smiled approvingly.

It'd be illegal.

It's not deep enough.

They hired someone else for the job.

I've got something to tell you.

I feel like throwing up.

St. Petersburg is a Russian city.

Where would I find CDs?

You've made everything better.

Nora read a poem to Kenton.

Jelske lost three sons in the war.

Don't have any worries on my account.

I wish I was there with you.

He is blameless in this situation.

My wife and I agreed on a holiday plan.

Germany is one of the largest cheese producers in the world.

Translating is not nearly as easy as many people might think.


There's more to Ned than meets the eye.

Where is your father?

There are many more students in the classroom today than yesterday.


This road will take you to the post-office.

Would you give me Nathan's address?

You've got to give it time.


Moreover, I can fly.

We've had a long day.

I didn't have to say it twice.

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I think you're too sick to go to school.


There was an interesting story in the letter to the boy.

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She bought this pen at that store.

What time does your father leave for his office?

I have numerous books on my bookshelf.

Tell a beautiful story to my young friend.

The United States tries to impress the world with its weapons.

Maybe you could talk to him.

Could I have the check?


You guys are right.


At one time, the gratuity couldn't be removed, but in recent years, passengers were allowed to "adjust" it at their discretion.

The barn's on fire.

We haven't found them yet.

Why do you think I'm sitting here?

I want to do my best to help Jeany.


Who is he and what's his name?

I understood from his accent that he was an American.

Clear water breeds no fish.

I wasn't expecting to see you.

We've got three whole hours.


The young woman's face became even redder.


Please let me drive your new Toyota, too.

Jenny could not ignore her parents' desire for her safety.

The bird has not returned.


Cecilia has lived here his entire life.

Under the Tatoeba guidelines, it is recommended that members only add sentences in their native language and/or translate from a language they can understand into their native language. The reason for this is that it is much easier to form natural-sounding sentences in one's native language. When we write in a language other than our native language, it is very easy to produce sentences that sound strange. Please make sure you only translate the sentence if you are sure you know what it means.

Lloyd received harassing messages on Twitter.


Queen Anne knighted Newton in 1705. He was the first scientist to be knighted for his work.


That's the only appliance that I have.

I think Amir used to love me.

It freed me to enter one of the most creative periods of my life.

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Time is short and we must omit some of the speeches from the program.


Even we are people.

I need a tool for pulling weeds in my garden.

We're working as fast as we can.

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Yes, of course, you are right.

Tell me which bread you want to eat.

Thank you so much, my friend.

I'm working on a big project.

A vast majority of people approve of the plan.

He must be about forty.

She is off duty tonight.


Susan is aware that he hasn't been a good father and is trying to make amends.

Because it inflames upper-airway tissues, smoking often leads to obstructive sleep apnoea. Alcohol and sedatives can worsen apnoea as well; acting as muscle relaxants, they make the airway smaller.

I will drive to Paris tomorrow.

The burning building was about to collapse.

They finally reached the top of the mountain.

She wasn't able to meet him.

Where did you get those old coins?


What time did you get up that morning?

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You can tell Sofia yourself.

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You've turned up at the right moment.